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 A NEW ERA BEGINS this Sunday at Tri County Christian Church.  Over the years our church has done some really good things. We’ve shown people the love of Jesus. We’ve helped people come to know the Lord as Savior.  We’ve provided food for the hungry and friendship to the lonely. The list is long and our accomplishments are many.  Yet to many we are still known as “the little church on the corner.”  This Sunday we turn a corner.

WE INVITE YOU to be at church this Sunday to hear our Pastor’s Vision for the future.  There’s so much more we can do and we’re going to do it.  

WE’RE TEMPTED TO TELL YOU more here and now. But that would spoil Sunday’s service.  For now, just know what you’re going to be inspired by what comes next.  Don’t miss this Sunday’s service!  Oh, and please invite someone to join you!