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THROUGH OUR WEBSITE I received a message from a neighbor of our church who asked if she could be baptized. We've communicated back and forth throughout the week and she is being baptized at 1 PM today.  That's never happened before and it's very exciting.  

SOMETHING ELSE THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE is an effort to reach so many people on a single Sunday.  Yes, we've had "Friend Days", but we've never put forth an effort where so many people have worked in an organized fashion to invite so many people to a single church service.  Over the course of the past month I beleve over 500 letters have been sent. Add to that scores or even hundreds of phone calls. Add to that text messages and Social Media messages.  This has been a really big effort and I trust that tomorrow's service will bear the fruit of our effort coupled with God's blessing.

TO BE HONEST I went to bed last night a bit discouraged over the whole thing.  Over the course of the past couple of days I've received calls from our hardest workers says, "Well, we really tried, but   xxx won't be in church tomorrow."  Or, "I just heard that xxx won't be in church tomorrow."  Each of those calls included a name of someone I was really hopeful would be in attendance.    Yet I woke up this morning remembering God has a plan. He alway has a plan.

SO TODAY I ASK THAT YOU make it a priority to be at church tomorrow.  If you've been to Tri County for more than a couple of years, please try to think of someone you'e not see at church recently and send them  call (or text, etc) and invite them to join us tomorrow.    Your invitation may be the last bit of momentum needed.  If you can think of anyone else to invite, feel free.  Time has not yet run out and the effort is still ongoing.

PLEASE COME EARLY and bring some snacks to share.  We'd like to welcome each of our families and especially our guests with a little snack and something to drink.  Be being early, you can help demonstrate a spirit of enthusiams and life in our church as well as offer a welcoming handshake.

FINALLY, WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER?  Oh, I didn't want that question.  Any time you plan something special in Michigan, especially in the winter months, weather plays a role.  At this very moment, the timing of the snow is such that roads should be clear and our lot plowed for service.  Our plowing company waits until about 8 AM on Sunday mornings to plow.  So, if the current forecast holds, it's "all systems go".  If there is a change of plan, however, we'll send text messages and emails at the last possible moment.  Then, if you've invited someone, we're counting on you to help spread the word to those who we've invited that don't get these communications.  

GARY NUNNERY AND STEVE KING have blocked time out of their day today to pray over this event and they're encouraging you to pray, too. Would you please pray for a great day at Tri County?  Pray for a big attendance, a church full of people with open hearts to hear a gospel message and my vision for our church.

BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS!  It's going to be a great day!