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WHEN SOMEONE QUESTIONS, makes fun of, or mocks the Word of God, get as far away fro mthem as you possibly can.  Psalm 1:1 warns about NOT "sitting in the seat of scoffers."

SATAN WAS THE FIRST to mock God's Word in Genesis 3:1, when he said to Adam and Eve, "Did God really say...."

SOME MOCK THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. But JESUS said He "hadn't come to abolish the Law and the Prophets, but to fulfill them," and warned that whoever "relaxes," or minimizees any of those commandments would be called "least in the kingdom of Heaven." (Matthew 5:17-20).

IN HIS FAMOUS sermon on the mount, JESUS mentions several of the Ten Commandments and raises each of them to an even higher standard.

HE WARNED in Matthew 24 that one of the signs of the end times will be a profileration of false prophets/false teachers and false Messiahs. We are there!

DON'T BE DECEIVED by "doctrines of demons" (1 Timothy 4:1-6) or those false teachers who attempt to deliver them. Get in the Word and search the Scriptures daily, so you can know the truth and recognize error long before it wrecks your life and the lives of others (Acts 17:11; John 8:31-32).

Decision Magazine published a fantastic reminder from the late Billy Graham in an article called "Billy Graham:  The Bible - Our Highest Authority ." This article is well worth your time, a great reminder and a powerful challenge.