Persons considering visiting Tri County often ask what our service is like. Here’s a description of what to expect:

Praise & Worship 
(AKA song time)

Tri County’s worship leader leads us in about 15 minutes of song time that typically includes worship choruses, but occasionally blends in a traditional hymn. 


Tri County extends an invitation to anyone in attendance to share a story about answered prayer or to ask prayer for a special need. We’ve experienced God’s blessing with many answered prayers. No one is expected to say anything, but an invitation to all is extended.


Each week, following the pattern of the New Testament Christians, we allow members to take communion (the Lord’s Supper). One of our church leaders leads in a short devotional thought reminding us why we remember the Lord in this manner.


We accept a weekly offering to help pay for the expenses of the church. We’re proud to support world-wise mission causes as well as support local benevolent needs. We invite all attendees to contribute, but guests should never feel compelled.

(AKA morning message)

Our minister delivers a weekly message. The messages at Tri County are uplifting, inspiring, sometimes challenging and always Bible-based.

Closing Song & Prayer

We close our one-hour long service with one song and a prayer.

What not to expect:  While we try very hard to be warm, inviting and friendly, we never ask our guests to stand up or introduce themselves.  We never make unexpected visits to your home.  We want you to feel welcome, but not put on the spot.